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Moranbah and Surrounding Districts



New Computers

Whether it be a high end gaming machine, for basic use or a business server, we have a selection of computer models to choose from. Remember all our systems are customizable and can be built to order . We repair and service any of our desktop PC’s so there are no delays in having to send it away. Backed with 3 Year hardware warranty, we guarantee that our computers are built with quality in mind. Click here for our latest range


1404456523_Email_ChatInternet and Email Setup

So you got a new modem, plugged it in and it doesn’t work. We are here to help. We can assist with setting up your modem or advise on the best solution for you. Rhinotech Moranbah can easily setup your mail client or even a new email address. We have experience with all types of mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows 8 Mail, Apple Mail, just tell us what you prefer


1404456530_tools_computer10ptRepair Services and Upgrades

We can handle just about anything from Windows based desktops and laptops to Apple iMACs, Macbooks and even external hard drives.  You don’t have to buy new, today’s technology can resurrect your old machine and give you a few more years of enjoyment



 1404456537_server_acceptServer Maintenance

If you run a business with computers and all data is centralized to a server, ask this question. How much is that data worth to your business? Is it more than 10%, most likely it is 100%. You do not wan’t to risk your data and wait until it is too late. Maintaining a server is all about ensuring your data is secured, software is up to date, backups are working and repairing small problems before they turn into major ones. We understand the importance of a server running and will endeavour to provide rapid response in the event of a problem


1404456549_12-lan-connected-512x512Business Networking

No matter how big or small your network is, we can provide the best solutions to accommodate a growing network as well as implementing industry leading equipment to ensure no data loss and security



1404456120_signalWireless Networking

Vast improvements in wireless technology now provide excellent coverage inside your house or the outside workshop. Tell us what you want, we will  find what you need



1404456560_Blue_Backup_WData Recovery

As much as we stress to backup important data, there will always be the case that a drive full of pictures or documents is no longer working. Don’t worry, there is still a chance to recover everything. If you find yourself in this terrible situation don’t hesitate to call us, the faster we can get your drive the better



1404456563_McAfee ScanVirus Removal

Unfortunately viruses are everywhere on the internet and many computer users are scammed into buying fake software that does not improve things. We know these risks and can tell you the best ways of preventing virus infection. If your computer happens to be infected, we have the latest antivirus softwares and knowledge to completely clean and make it virus free


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